The Ultimate Sprocket Technology for Safety and Reliability

Introducing the Enduo Family, the world’s safest, strongest, and most reliable sprocket tooth technology specifically designed for transporting your most precious people. With a focus on uncompromised safety and superior performance, the Enduo Family tooth profile technology ensures peace of mind for every journey.

Leveraging our innovative Dual Engagement technology, the Enduo Family technology offers a secure and stable connection between the chain and sprocket. This advanced design includes:

The drive member making contact with the drive sprocket teeth at two contact points on each tooth of the sprocket.

The two contact points being on opposing sides of the tooth relative to its radial centerline.

The contact points being radially offset from one another, providing enhanced load distribution and stability⁠⁠.

The Enduo Family technology is meticulously engineered to engage a standard roller chain (e.g., ISO 606) through Dual Engagement. This results in:

Unmatched safety, ensuring the chain remains securely engaged with minimal relative movement between the chain and sprocket.

Exceptional strength, capable of handling high loads while maintaining stability and performance.

Unrivaled reliability, distributing the load evenly across the sprocket teeth to withstand the demands of daily use⁠.

Whether you’re on a family outing or commuting with loved ones, the Enduo Family tooth technology provides the perfect combination of safety, strength, and reliability. Trust Enduo Family to deliver the utmost protection and performance for those who matter most.

Available Sizes

Key features include:

No Chain Skip:

The Enduo tooth profile eliminates chain skip, providing a smooth and reliable ride every time.

Secure Engagement:

Experience unmatched chain engagement that keeps you in control, no matter how intense your ride gets.

High Efficiency:

Optimize your power transfer with high efficiency, allowing you to achieve maximum speed and performance.

Extended Durability:

The Enduo BMX drivetrain lasts more than three times longer than traditional chain drives, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.

Enduo BMX is designed to meet the rigorous demands of BMX riding, delivering a drivetrain that combines strength, reliability, and efficiency. Upgrade to Enduo BMX and experience the difference in every ride.

We can provide tooth profile for chain ring and sprocket size for the standard chainring sizes () and sprocket sizes ()

Enduo BMX sprockets can be fitted onto the following interfaces ()