The World's Fastest Tooth Technology for TT Bikes

Introducing the Enduo TT, the world’s fastest chainring tooth technology designed exclusively for time trial (TT) bikes. Engineered for ultimate speed and efficiency, the Enduo TT chainring ensures the fastest TT drivetrain, enabling you to achieve record-breaking times.

Utilizing our groundbreaking Dual Engagement technology, the Enduo TT chainring offers a secure and stable connection between the chain and chainring. This advanced design includes:

The drive member making contact with the drive chainring teeth at two contact points on each tooth of the chainring.

The two contact points being on opposing sides of the tooth relative to its radial centerline.

The contact points being radially offset from one another, enhancing load distribution and stability.

The Enduo TTchainring is meticulously engineered to engage a standard roller chain (e.g., ISO 606) through Dual Engagement. This results in:

Unmatched speed and efficiency for the fastest TT times.

Incredible responsiveness for quick and precise gear changes.

Exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even under the most demanding conditions.

Unleash your full potential and dominate the time trial with the Enduo TT chainring. Experience the perfect blend of speed, responsiveness, and durability with Enduo TT.

Available Sizes

55T (54-62T)


130 BCD /110 BDC less common