Revolutionising eCargo in Europe!

In 2023, a dynamic shift is underway in the European business landscape. The adoption of eCargo and eBikes is skyrocketing, redefining the approach to last-mile deliveries. An average 51% of urban deliveries in Europe could be shifted to cycle or cargo bike delivery, further showing the pivotal role of sustainable solutions!

In today’s fast-paced world, businesses are under increasing pressure to find solutions that not only meet delivery deadlines but also align with sustainability goals. This is where the game-changing technology of Enduo™ Cargo comes into play. With its Patented Dual Engagement technology, a roller chain now has the ability to make contact on both sides of the sprocket tooth. The result? A significant reduction in friction and an impressive increase in chain lifetime by a staggering 3.5 times, with endurance reaching up to 30,000 kilometres. ????

Enduo™ technology is a monumental leap forward in mechanical power transfer, representing the most significant breakthrough in over a century. Its impact on eCargo and eBikes is unparalleled.

By switching to Enduo™, industry partners have witnessed a remarkable transformation. Drivetrains are the world’s longest lasting, ensuring riders spend more time delivering and less time in the repair shop. This not only slashes maintenance costs but also guarantees fleet operators reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

As the logistics industry continues its transformative journey towards sustainability and efficiency, the benefits of adopting Enduo™ Cargo technology are clear. By integrating this revolutionary drivetrain into your operations, you’re not only embracing the future—you’re leading it.

Discover how Enduo™ Cargo can elevate your last-mile deliveries, making them faster, more efficient, and sustainable!