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a drivetrain that lasts 3.5x longer

Enduo™ Cargo

15% of the cost of ownership per e-cargo bike is due to transmission.

Enduo solves this problem increasing the transmission’s lifestime to more than 20,000km giving reliability to your e-cargo bike.

Why Enduo™ Cargo?

Keep Cargo Moving

World’s fastest reliable drive solution

Lowest cost of ownership


Be Green

Made from recycled steel with renewable energy

World’s highest efficiency

Made in Germany

Minimise Breakdowns

Save money on uplanned breakdowns & delivery failures


Enduo™ Cargo Sprocket and Chainring

What Is Enduo™ Cargo

Enduo™ Cargo’s world wide patented technology enables conventional chains to transfer power on both sides of the tooth, reducing movement and wear.

Combined with industrial chain technology, Enduo™ Cargo triples drive lifetime, copes with higher loads without failure and reduces maintenance.

The set includes the pioneering Enduo™ Cargo chainring, sprocket, and industrial strength chain that’s designed for plug-and-play in place of a conventional drivetrain.

All components are precision engineered to the tightest of tolerances for the smoothest of riding experiences. Enduo’s industrial strength and wider chain offers incredible performance and durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Every component in the Enduo™ Cargo set incorporates an extra hard coating for durability and extreme weather resistance and has been tested in all weather conditions for optimal use everyday.

“As the world’s leading cargo bike operator, we put our bikes under severe stress with extreme loads and 100 mile days. We are excited to be working with Enduo Cargo to reduce costs further, allowing us to deliver more – further, faster and cheaper”

Ben Knowles (CEO and Rider - Pedal Me)

tom de wilton oxwash

“eCargo bikes are the backbone of our business; reliability is the most important factor when choosing which bikess to buy as every minute that we have a bike off the road means we are not able to collect and deliver laundry to our customer”

Tom de Wilton (CSO - Oxwash)

graham cross absolutely

“Having a New Motion Labs chain fitted gives us the reassurance of smooth running, additional reliability and minimal maintenance, helping our riders to help our customers alike”

Graham Cross (Fleet and Recruitment Manager - Absolutely Couriers)

will brackwell oxwash

“Great to be working with other innovative companies…The team are already seeing the difference and can’t wait for our next project!”

Will Brackwell (General Manager - Oxwash)

“We couldn’t be happier to have matched up #NewMotionLabs with our partners in crime at Absolutely, who couldn’t be more enthusiastic about driving fewer maintenance issues whilst out on the road”

Fully Charged

What Does This Mean For Your Fleet?

Deliver More...

Deliver 300% more packages with Enduo Cargo compared to conventional drives.

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*1680 packages per conventional drive lifetime

*5040 packages per Enduo™ Cargo lifetime

Go Further...

Reach over 15,000km in distance with a single drivetrain.

Longest Lasting...

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*Enduo™ Cargo’s ongoing testing with Absolutely Couriers has surpassed the 10,000km mark with no maintenance or replacement.

Carry Heavy Loads....

Shift extreme loads, like Pedal Me, using Enduo™ Cargo to carry over 400kg!

Average Load...

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*Enduo™ Cargo’s ongoing testing with Absolutely Couriers has surpassed the 10,000km mark with no maintenance or replacement.

Save Time & Money...

Operate around the clock with minimal downtime for maintenance and replacement

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*Conventional drives on our London fleets last just 4 months, compared to a whole year with Enduo™ Cargo – that’s a 3X improvement in lifetime.

What Does The Enduo™ Cargo Set Include?

how to purchase Enduo cargo?

For all OEMs and Fleets Operators, contact us directly to discuss our buy2sell or licensing options: 

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Credibility from Leading Industry Partner ENVIOLO

"NML Chain has performed very well against high torque/power profiles.
It has lasted ~3.5x as long as a standard bike chain to date when running heavy test profiles."
T J Leising
Head of test & validation at Enviolo

Compatible with the following Motors:

Compatible with the following Hub gears:


Enduo™ Cargo combines industrial strength chains with revolutionary stainless-steel sprocket and chainring technology with a patented tooth profile, allowing cargo and eBikes to go over 3x further before their chain drive needs replacing. 

While conventional drivetrain products on the market typically last up to 3-5,000km, Enduo™ Cargo allows riders to reach over 15,000km before maintenance or replacement is necessary.

Everything related to installing, removing, maintaining and adjusting Enduo™ Cargo is covered in this YouTube playlist.

Due to high power motors, heavy loads and high frequency of use, cargo and eBikes stress and wear the drivetrain at rapid rates, especially when compared to a normal bicycle.

In order to deal with regular use, heavy loads and powerful motors, the bikes need a stronger, more durable and reliable drivetrain to avoid breakdowns and keep maintenance to a minimal.

This is especially true for delivery fleets who use the bikes for over 8 hours a day, pushing 1,000’s of KG’s every day!

Enduo™ Cargo is designed for heavy use with significant loads (<450kg), allowing cargo bikes to travel 3x further before the drivetrain needs replacement.

Unlike Enduo™ Track, which is optimised for maximum efficiency and speed, Enduo™ Cargo is built for durability and longevity and enables cargo and eBike fleets to maintain minimal maintenance costs and reliably deliver to customers. 

It is possible that the cargo version could increase bike speed and efficiency, but this is yet to be tested fully.