The Sprocket.

Solving the problem of reliability and durabilty with plug and play sprocket technology.

Enduo™- The sprocket that will
change the world

Transmission failure can lead to substantial lost revenue and increased cost of ownership.

Enduo technology is underpinned by the biggest breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century: the ability to engage on both sides of the sprocket tooth, also known as Dual Engagement. 

Enduo enables a conventional roller chain to engage on both sides of the sprocket tooth alike to a bottle opener and a much more secure engagement, reducing friction in the chain and between the chain and the sprocket.

Stay On The Move

World’s fastest reliable drive solution

Lowest cost of ownership


Be Green

Made from recycled steel with renewable energy

World’s highest efficiency

Made in Germany

Be Different

Biggest change in sprocket technology in over a century, experience a new method of power transmission.

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“As the world’s leading cargo bike operator, we put our bikes under severe stress with extreme loads and 100 mile days. We are excited to be working with Enduo Cargo to reduce costs further, allowing us to deliver more – further, faster and cheaper”

Ben Knowles (CEO and Rider - Pedal Me)

tom de wilton oxwash

“eCargo bikes are the backbone of our business; reliability is the most important factor when choosing which bikess to buy as every minute that we have a bike off the road means we are not able to collect and deliver laundry to our customer”

Tom de Wilton (CSO - Oxwash)

graham cross absolutely

“Having a New Motion Labs chain fitted gives us the reassurance of smooth running, additional reliability and minimal maintenance, helping our riders to help our customers alike”

Graham Cross (Fleet and Recruitment Manager - Absolutely Couriers)

will brackwell oxwash

“Great to be working with other innovative companies…The team are already seeing the difference and can’t wait for our next project!”

Will Brackwell (General Manager - Oxwash)

“We couldn’t be happier to have matched up #NewMotionLabs with our partners in crime at Absolutely, who couldn’t be more enthusiastic about driving fewer maintenance issues whilst out on the road”

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