Trademark Guidelines

The New Motion Labs trademarks are intellectual property and are among our most valuable assets. In order to preserve and protect these Marks, it is essential that they are used properly. Follow these
Guidelines and our Brand Guidelines for using the New Motion Labs and brands properly in all communications, documents, and electronic messages. These Guidelines apply to New Motion Labs partners, clients, and other third parties who have a license or permission to use the New Motion Labs trademarks in a written agreement with New Motion Labs. You may not use any of the New Motion Labs trademarks unless you have a written agreement with New Motion Labs that contain a license or permission to use the trademark. For purposes of this document, references to trademarks or marks include all trade and service marks and logos owned or licensed by New Motion Labs®, LTD legal entity.

Specific Do’s and Dont’s

Please follow the specific trademark usage guidelines, if any, contained in your agreement with New Motion Labs. Use of the New Motion Labs trademarks must be explicitly approved by New  Motion Labs. Please contact New Motion Labs representative with any questions regarding the approval process.

New Motion Labs LTD Trademarks

New Motion Labs has the following registered trademarks in the United Kingdom and European Union:

References to New motion labs

When New Motion Labs is used as a trade name, the trademark rules do not apply, so do not use it as an adjective with any trademark symbol. Please use the New Motion Labs trade name as a noun. As a noun, the New Motion Labs trade name may also be used in the possessive form.

Correct : New Motion Lab’s disruptive drivetrain technology. 

Incorrect: New Motion Lab®’s disruptive drivetrain technology

In addition, New Motion Labs has visual logo trademarks and you must comply with any visual guidelines or additional requirements that may be included on New Motion Labs brand guidelines. New Motion Labs has a trademark for the following logo marks in the United Kingdom and European:


References to Enduo

Refer to Enduo using ™ in corporate or formal messaging – without ™ in everyday use is acceptable

Enduo Word Marks

Enduo™ Cargo
Enduo™ Track
Enduo™ Ride
Enduo™ Industry
Enduo™ Race

Correct: Enduo™ Cargo
Incorrect: Enduo Cargo™

Style of Use

When using the New Motion Labs logos: (i) follow the style and usage guidelines available in our Brand Guidelines (ii) use our logos exactly as they appear in the Brand Guidelines, and do not alter or distort their appearance in any way, for example, by adding your own design elements or changing the font, colours, or size; (iii) allow for clear space around our logos; and (iv) maintain the legibility of our logos and keep them sharp, clear, and well-produced. When using our word marks, you may not abbreviate them, incorporate them into acronyms, change their spelling, use them in parts, or use improper capitalization.

Final Notes

This policy attempts to strike the proper balance between two competing interests:

  1. the need of New Motion Labs to ensure that its trademarks remain reliable indicators of the qualities that they have been created to preserve
  2.  the need of New Motion Labs to ensure that community members can discuss the projects with which New Motion Labs is associated and to accurately describe the relationship between New Motion Labs and the products and services offered by others.

A trademark provides the owner with an exclusive right to authorise or control the use of the mark. Your right to use a mark of New Motion Labs is provided for in this policy and in the statement of permitted use, if any, that may accompany the trademark notice displayed on the website dedicated to the project. Proper use of New Motion Labs trademarks by following these trademark usage guidelines protects the value of New Motion Labs trademarks. Any use of or reference to New Motion Labs trademarks that is inconsistent with this trademark policy, or use of marks that are confusingly similar to trademarks of New Motion Labs, is prohibited.