the world's fastest drivetrain

Enduo™ track

Races are won by fine margins.

In the 2020  Olympics, the team pursuit was won by just 0.122 seconds and the technology can make the difference between winning and losing.

Enduo saves 50% of energy losses compared to conventional sprokets.

Be the Fastest on the track

World’s fastest drive solution


Be Green

Made from recycled steel with renewable energy

Made in Europe

Be Different

Biggest change in sprocket technology in over a century, experience a new method of power transmission

Enduo™ Track

Developed exclusively by New Motion Labs, Enduo™ Track uses a revolutionary sprocket and chainring design that enables roller-chains to transfer power on both sides of a tooth, leading to groundbreaking increases in efficiency and speed.

Over 99% Efficency

World’s highest efficiency chainring and sprocket technology

The fastest in the world

The fastest ever single-speed cycling drivetrain

Reach new heights

Set new PBs and break records with Enduo™ Track

How does Enduo™ Track compare?

Drivetrain Power Loss



Power Loss (W)

*The most popular setup at the 2020 Olympics

The above is a snapshot of the test data gathered by NML at the University of Bath. Rest assured, Enduo Track is the most efficient across the full range of power outputs and cadences simulated, not just those shown above.


Enduo™ Track uses chainring and sprocket technology that has been tested against the best existing drivetrains in the world, both in labs and by the best national cycling teams and riders, which has proven that Enduo is far more efficient than our competitors.

We recommend combining the Enduo™ Track package with the Shimano Dura-ace chain for the maximum possible efficiency and speed.

We only produce single-speed and 2x chainring drivetrains. A derailleur-friendly setup is currently in development. 

Our revolutionary tooth profile reduces the load and movement on the internal surfaces of the chain, which typically lead to frictional losses of the chain during articulation.

With our tooth profile, the chain drives off both sides of the tooth instead of just one, which eliminates the relative motion of a conventional chaindrive. 

We have done extensive and comprehensive testing on a purpose-built, high-performance rig at the University of Bath in the UK. 

We measured input & output power (with an accuracy of 0.1%) to understand the drivetrain’s frictional power losses. This process was repeated for all the top track set-ups in the world, with a standardised test methodology to eliminate as many variables as possible between drivetrain set-ups. 

We more than halve the power losses compared with the most popular drivetrain at the last Olympics, offering savings of 6.51w* (@500w, 100RPM, vs Digirit/EAI). 

We recommend a Shimano Dura Ace 11speed HG901 chain for the highest efficiency, however, any 11-speed chain should be compatible. For the product’s longevity, we don’t recommend that you use a 1/8” track chain with these components. 


You can. However, it won’t be the fastest drivetrain in the world. We also highly recommend that you ensure any components are compatible with an 11-speed chain, not a 1/8” chain in the interests of longevity and safety. 

The answer is very similar to the question above. You can, but we don’t recommend it & if you do, ensure the components are designed for an 11-speed chain. 

50 – 70 tooth equivalents, even sizes only. The reason we say equivalent? Because for every two teeth on a conventional chainring, an Enduo Track ring has one. 

Good question. Firstly, our Enduo™ technology is pretty ground-breaking and not everyone has heard of us. We’re working hard to change that. Secondly, drivetrain efficiency has traditionally been very hard to measure, meaning few people know what is truly the fastest. We’re working hard to change this, too. 

Enduo™ chainrings and sprockets use our patented tooth technology to improve the performance of the chain drives. The ability to engage only every other link of the chain combined with the tooth profile geometry is where the performance benefit comes from. 

The short answer is no. We have run countless real-world tests and not once have we experienced a chain drop. The wide tooth profile also helps to ensure a secure interface between the chain and drivetrain components. 

Up to you, but they are by no means a requirement. 

We produce products based on performance and customer demand. Reach out to the team if you’ve got any good ideas!  

Not at this time. 

Not for our performance lines. We only sell chains as part of our cargo drivetrain packages. 

All Enduo™ Track products are currently manufactured in the UK; Totnes in South Devon specifically.   

Chainrings: Anodised Aluminium 7075 T6 

Sprockets: Stainless Steel 

Yes. Please note that shipping prices vary depending on location. 

Not at the current time. However, feel free to get in touch to discuss further. 

As above, please get in touch with our team to discuss. 

Get in touch with our performance sales manager,