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Enduo™ Cargo is the strongest, most durable and sustainable drivetrain for eCargo and eBikes.


Enduo Cargo set

Powered by New Motion Labs’ groundbreaking Enduo technology, the Enduo Cargo is the world’s longest-lasting drivetrain (3.5x longer) and delivers faster last-mile eCargo efficiencies and safer, more sustainable, and cost-effective eMobility operations than ever before.

The set includes the pioneering Enduo Cargo chainring, sprocket, and industrial strength chain that’s designed for plug-and-play in place of a conventional drivetrain. All components are precision engineered to the tightest of tolerances for the smoothest of riding experiences. Enduo’s industrial strength and wider chain offers incredible performance and durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Every component in the Enduo Cargo set incorporates an extra hard coating for durability and extreme weather resistance and has been tested in all weather conditions for optimal use every day.

This high-performance drivetrain package has been rated for 15,000km on eCargo bikes and up to 30,000km on e-bikes and is available in black or silver.

Enduo Cargo chainring

The Enduo Cargo chainring is the world’s most reliable, high-performance, and weather-resistant drivetrain ever designed for eCargo bikes and e-bikes.

The precision-machined cycling chain is manufactured from industrial-strength steel and coated with an exceptionally durable zinc-aluminium finish for long-lasting, ultra-reliable service. The radically re-engineered tooth profile is guaranteed to last up to 30,000km on e-bikes and 15,000km on cargo bikes.

Designed in conjunction with the revolutionary Enduo tooth profile, sprocket and industrial strength bike chain, this game-changing chainring promises the smoothest and quietest riding experiences and outstanding last-mile delivery performance every time.

Enduo Cargo sprocket

Introducing the Enduo Cargo sprocket – for the world’s most robust, reliable and high-performance drivetrain for eCargo bikes and e-bikes.

Manufactured from industrial-strength steel and coated with an ultra-durable zinc-aluminium finish, the Enduo Cargo sprocket guarantees unparalleled weather resistance and dependable wear in even the most challenging and constant use conditions.

Fully compatible with all Enduo Cargo components, this radically re-engineered sprocket and drivetrain is guaranteed to last up to 30,000km on e-bikes and 15,000km on cargo bikes.

The Enduo Cargo sprocket has been designed in conjunction with New Motion Labs’ pioneering Enduo tooth profile, chainring and industrial strength chain. The precision-manufactured industrial chain is designed for a smoother, more direct drive and the ultimate riding experience and last-mile delivery performance, every day.

Enduo Cargo chain

The Enduo Cargo chain is the world’s most durable, high-performance chain ever designed for eCargo and e-bikes and is transforming last-mile delivery efficiencies.

Designed in conjunction with New Motion Labs’ revolutionary Enduo tooth technology, the Enduo Cargo chain is precision-manufactured from industrial-grade materials to world-class standards and tested to perform in the most challenging conditions.

The Enduo Cargo chain offers unrivaled weather resistance thanks to its unique double-coating that offers ultimate protection against corrosive, salty, wet and extreme temperature environments. This pioneering chain is even guaranteed to withstand the acid rain that’s so common and damaging within urban settings.

The Enduo Cargo chain is guaranteed to last up to 30,000km – and game-changing performance with a smoother, quieter experience than with any other drivetrain on the market today.

Enduo Cargo chainbreaker

The pro tool for a pro drivetrain, the Enduo Cargo chainbreaker is the ultimate chainbreaker for Enduo cycling chains for every eCargo and e-bike user. It’s all thanks to an intelligent two-pin mechanism that guarantees easy, fast chainbreaking every time.

The chainbreaker plates are premium quality and precision-machined to fit the groundbreaking Enduo Cargo chain, securely holding the chain in the correct position for seamless pin removal and automatic pin ejection.

Enduo Cargo service starter kit

This service starter kit is designed exclusively for service shops of eCargo, e-bike and other eMobility products. This revolutionary drivetrain kit makes it quick and easy to fit a wide range of bikes with the full Enduo Cargo drivetrain system, keeping your last-mile delivery covered every day.

  • 1x Enduo™ Cargo Chainring (54/64/70T equivalent)
  • 1x Enduo™ Cargo Sprocket (22/24/26T equivalent)
  • 1x Industrial 06B-1 Chain (138 or 168 links)
  • World beating technology
  • Performance Engineered: Drivetrain
  • Longest lasting drivetrain – 3x longer than a conventional drivetrain – 15,000-20,000km
  • Sustainable & Recyclable
  • Enduo drivetrain ensures a more enjoyable and smoother riding experience
  • Rust Free – A Zinc-Aluminium coating for all weather conditions
  • Industrial Strength Chain and Enduo Sprockets eliminate any chain failure
  • Highest precision for minimal maintenance – Total cost of ownership dramatically reduced

Enduo™ Cargo Chainring

  • 54/64/70T equivalent

Interface – 4 x 104 or 5 x 130 BCD
Material – Anodised Stainless Steel


Enduo™ Cargo Sprocket

  • 22/24/26T equivalent

Material – Anodised Stainless Steel


Industrial 06B-1 Chain

  • Industrial 06B-1 chain- 138 or 168 links

Material – Stainless Steel



  • Rohloff OR 9 Spline


*Please note all Enduo™ products are the same diameter as equivalent, yet contain half the number of teeth specified i.e. 26T is 13T and 70T is 35T