5 reasons to switch to Enduo from the Belt

In the fast-evolving world of micro mobility the choice of drivetrain can make all the difference in the performance, longevity, and sustainability of your vehicles. Enter Enduo™ Cargo, a game-changing solution that’s redefining the industry. 

Here are five reasons why you should make the switch!

  1. Unparalleled Durability: The secret behind Enduo™ Cargo’s longevity lies in its patented tooth geometry. With half the number of teeth as conventional sprockets, it ensures roller contact on both sides of the tooth. This worldwide patented technology enables conventional chains to transfer power effectively, resulting in significantly reduced wear and movement. The result? A drivetrain that outlasts the competition, lasting between an impressive 15,000 to 30,000 kilometres.
  • Strength You Can Rely On: Enduo™ Cargo is engineered to handle higher loads and endure the toughest conditions. Rigorously tested in all-weather scenarios, every component in the set is fortified with an extra hard coating for unmatched durability and extreme weather resistance. When it comes to reliability, Enduo™ Cargo sets a new standard.
  • Improved Sustainability: Enduo™ is a trailblazer in sustainable drivetrain technology. Engineered with fully recyclable steel and aluminium components, it’s a clear departure from conventional plastic and rubber belts. By choosing Enduo™, you’re not only investing in performance, but also in a more environmentally conscious future.
  • Minimise Breakdowns, Maximise Uptime: With Enduo™ Cargo, you can say goodbye to frequent breakdowns and costly maintenance of your fleet. This drivetrain is designed to keep your vehicles on the road, not in the workshop. 
  • Economic Advantages for Your Business: The benefits of switching to Enduo™ Cargo extend beyond performance and sustainability. By reducing maintenance costs, you’ll experience savings for your eCargo and eBike business. This translates to a healthier bottom line and increased profitability.

Making the switch to Enduo™ from traditional belts is more than an upgrade—it’s a leap into the future. Experience the difference for yours business and unlock a new level of durability, reliability, and sustainability.