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The Highest Accuracy Drivetrain Efficiency Testing Rig in the World

'The world’s first independent high accuracy, multi-torque transmission efficiency test rig'

Built to establish the facts around drivetrain efficiency, and to prove the superiority of Enduo(TM) technology, our testing facility is now available to those interested in determining how fast their drivetrain really is.

What is it?

Located at the University of Bath, New Motion Labs’ test rig is the world’s most accurate chain drive efficiency testing facility and is the hub for honest and reliable testing data, entirely independent from any company or external influence.

University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Who is it for?

All companies operating within industries where efficiency is paramount can benefit from using the facility, particularly of interest to Track Cycling teams where differences in power transfer efficiency significantly impact race times.

By using the facility, teams can discover the most efficient combination of chains, sprockets and lubrication and ultimately take home more medals.

Why is it the world’s best?

Current technologies like Powermeters are only accurate to between 0.3-0.55% – significantly less accurate than our testing facility, which enables customers to test efficiency as precisely as 0.05-0.1%.

The rig is also able to load the chain correctly, with slack on the bottom side of the chain path for more of a real world measurement that accurately mimics a Track Cycling environment.

Why was it built?

Situated at the University of Bath, UK, and owned and managed exclusively by New Motion Labs, our test rig is able to determine the efficiency of any chain drive solution.

When we first developed Enduo technology, we always knew that we would need to be able to prove the superiority of our technology in a physical test environment.

However, it was extremely difficult to find an easily-accessible facilitiy to reliably test drivetrain efficiency with a high degree of accuracy at a high torque for multiple applications that didn’t exist only within private companies.

That is why in 2020, alongside the University of Bath, we developed a multi-torque, high accuracy efficiency test rig to determine the efficiency of our Enduo technology – and any other existing chain drive across the world!

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