Enduo™ – The Winter Proof Drivetrain

The problem:

As temperatures start to plummet outside and the winter is setting in, its important to have confidence and peace of mind that your bike and specifically your bike components will continue to perform well, and they will not let you down when you are out making your deliveries (especially in the busy Christmas period) or commuting to work.

Traditionally chains and belts never fare well in these colder conditions, and they are known to snap due to the cold temperatures and the salt on the street adds to the corrosion. This is not only inconvenient, but it can be an extremely expensive problem for large fleet operators.

How can New Motion Labs help:

Enduo™ Cargo is the world’s most durable drivetrain and is guaranteed to perform extremely well in these harsh winter conditions as it can operate at -20/+45 C without any risk of chains snapping.

Our Enduo™ sprocket and chainring with its patented tooth geometry dramatically slows down the rate of chain elongation and partnered with a coated and rust-free industrial strength chain which is wider, more durable, and robust, it is the perfect solutions for your bikes drivetrain. It is guaranteed to outperform the conventional drivetrain and belts especially in the wintertime!

The Enduo™ Drivetrain set consists of a front chainring, rear sprocket and ISO 606 certified chain: industrial chain which is a plug and play solution. It’s easy to install and compatible with Enviolo and Rohloff hub gears. Our drivetrain requires minimal maintenance and is easy to service and is proven to last 15,000km for eCargo bikes and 30,000km for eBikes.

How to purchase Enduo™ Cargo

If you are having any issues with your current drivetrain especially in these colder months either contact New Motion Labs directly to discuss our buy2sell or license model for OEMs and large fleet operators or contact our approved resellers and wholesalers:

For Dutch customers b2c: https://www.e-bikeaccu.nl/accessoires/fietsonderdelen/enduo-by-new-motion-labs

For German customers: https://www.fahrrad-akkus.de/zubehor/fahrradteile/enduo-by-new-motion-labs

For UK customers: https://www.fullycharged.com

Our manufacturers are based in Europe, and we have an excellent supply chain and stock is readily available so we can assist with any issues you are currently facing.

Enduo™ Cargo is proven to be the world’s longest lasting, most efficient, and durable drivetrain and it is made from fully recyclable stainless steel, unlike plastic and rubber belts, whilst still being extremely cost effective.

Enduo™ – Because performance shouldn’t cost the earth.

New Motion Labs – Performance: Engineered Drivetrain