Our Top Five Innovation Websites

Innovation almost always begins with asking questions. But not just any questions; the right questions. Like, ‘what’s missing from this picture?’; ‘how can this product/idea/thing be better ?’ or even, ‘is this design the very best that it could be?’

It was this approach that inspired the birth of Dual Engagement , a revolutionary new method of power transmission which leaves the traditional roller chain – currently used extensively in bicycles, motorbikes, conveyor belts and all kinds of industrial machinery – for dead. At New Motion Labs , we’re working hard to show how the Link Drive – the first carrier of Dual Engagement technology – can benefit multiple industries and sectors, using design to bring about improvements in efficiency, durability and performance.

Meanwhile, we can’t help but get a little distracted by some of the world’s other great innovators, who are also toiling away to shake things up and make life a bit, well, better for us all. The internet is a wonderful playground, but it’s easy to get lost in there. So to make things a bit easier, we’ve come up with five of our favourite innovation sites, which never fail to inspire, spark interest and quite frankly, impress us. Enjoy.

1. Disruptor League

This site regularly turns out pretty inspiring content. We particularly liked a post about how some of the world’s greatest innovation happens in garages . Yep, next to those old half-full paint tins and boxes of Christmas decorations.

2. Idea Champions

They call themselves ‘The Heart of Innovation’ and whether that’s true or not, it’s definitely an entertaining website, with a constant stream of articles and thought leadership on our favourite topic. We enjoyed Susan Cain’s TED talk on ‘The Power of Introverts’.

3. Innovate UK

No list would be complete without an appearance from Innovate UK, the UK Gov’s very own innovation hub. Connect with industry experts, attend webinars and get the latest on funding opportunities. One not to miss for any innovators out there.

4. UK Research and Innovation

The UKRI works with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and the government to support new talent and create an environment where ideas can grow. It also provides the latest news on innovation and R&D, from where we’re at in the quest for a Covid-19 vaccine to the latest in digital health tech.

5. Gizmodo

For a lighter read, you’ve gotta love Gizmodo . Chock-full of the latest tech, it’s always entertaining and gives more than a nod to innovation. Artificial feathers , anyone?