Revolutionising Drivetrains: What Makes Enduo™ Cargo Sprocket and Chainring Different?

As cycle superhighways expand throughout the world and the e-mobility sector continues to grow, we can clearly see the benefit of switching to eCargo and eBikes for last mile deliveries, as it is proven to be faster, more efficient, and sustainable.  

The rapid evolution of the e-mobility sector means the need for a more reliable and efficient drivetrain has become more crucial than ever. In many cases eCargo and eBikes are still using conventional bicycle components and they are just not up to the job. This means that fleet operators are incurring high maintenance costs which dramatically increases the total cost of ownership of their fleet. This is where Enduo™ Cargo steps in with its game-changing dual engagement technology.  

Compared to conventional sprockets and chainrings, Enduo™ Cargo completely revolutionises how power is transferred, by halving the number of teeth and re-engineering the profile of the Enduo™ sprocket tooth.  

Enduo™ Cargo’s Patented Dual Engagement technology allows a roller chain to contact both sides of the sprocket tooth, eliminating relative movement and significantly reducing friction, increasing the chain lifetime by 3.5 times lasting up to 30,000km.  

Enduo’s technology is designed to increase reliability and durability for eCargo and eBikes and it represents the most significant breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century.  

When switching to Enduo™ Cargo sprocket and chainrings we have proven data from industry partners to guarantee that your drivetrain will be the world’s longest lasting! This means riders can enjoy more time on the road and less time in the repair shop dramatically reducing maintenance costs and ensuring fleet operators have bikes that are reliable, efficient, and cost effective.  

Say goodbye to conventional drivetrains and hello to Enduo™ Cargo! 

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