The Enduo reality: real-life tests with real, valuable results 

The New Motion Labs team has spent years developing and finetuning every element of every product we create.

It’s reassuring to know that we test meticulously – because it’s results that matter to those who put their trust in our engineering ingenuity. 

We took our revolutionary Enduo Cargo drivetrain technology out onto the streets of London with three of our partners for real-life road tests that are as serious as it gets when it comes to assessing reliability and performance. 

Oxwash is a sustainable laundry service and one of the very first adopters of Enduo Cargo. They’re delivering their customers’ laundry more reliably by using Enduo’s more durable, sustainable drivetrain. Here’s why: 

“eCargo bikes are the backbone of our business; reliability is the most important factor as every minute that we have a bike off the road means we are not able to collect and deliver laundry to our customer.” 

Tom de wilton (Oxwash CSO) 

Pedal Me 
Pedal Me, the pedal-powered passenger and cargo service is the largest eCargo-only fleet in the world. The Pedal Me team use Enduo Cargo on its bikes to transport goods and people around London. Our pioneering solution helps them minimise their downtime and gives their riders and passengers the confidence they want that they can get from A to B, whatever the conditions. 

Absolutely Courier 
With over 150 years’ experience within the London courier industry, reliability is everything to Absolutely Courier. The team began its trial with New Motion Labs in December 2021; today, their bikes have exceeded 12,000km with zero maintenance required and an elongation of just 0.6%. 

As Enduo’s real-life results continue to fuel the surging interest in the Cargo, e-Bike, eMobility and performance cycling sectors, the results are clear: whatever your market, there’s a unique competitive edge that’s here for the taking. 

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