Travel Further and Reduce Your Costs with ENDUO™ DRIVETRAIN

In the world of e-mobility and fleet management, the goal is simple: travel further, reduce costs and do it sustainably. However, this goal has been elusive for many, until now. New Motion Labs has revolutionised the game with their ground-breaking Enduo™ Cargo Drivetrain compatible with all eCargo and eBikes. 

With its Dual Engagement technology, Enduo™ Cargo delivers unmatched durability, reliability, efficiency, and lifetime.
Enduo is a performance-engineered technology that represents the most significant breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century. 

At New Motion Labs, we believe in the power of engineering to deliver innovative, revolutionary engineered technologies and solutions. Our team of engineers have worked tirelessly to re-engineer the drivetrain and create a product that is truly future proof. The result is Enduo™ Cargo, a drivetrain that gives unbeatable performance, longevity, and return on investment. Enduo™ will give you the winning edge you need to succeed in today’s competitive market. 

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The Enduo™ Drivetrain also delivers on the promise of sustainability. With its advanced efficiency and the most sustainable drivetrain, Enduo™ is made from fully recyclable stainless steel, unlike plastic and rubber belts. This makes it the perfect choice for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact and meet their sustainability goals. 

What makes ENDUO™ CARGO the best choice for fleet operators?

Firstly, underpinned by the biggest breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century: the ability to transfer power on both sides of the tooth, also known as ‘Dual Engagement’. This results in a smoother, more efficient and reliable ride, improving the overall riding experience. 

Secondly, Enduo™ Cargo is designed for durability lasting 3.5 times longer than a conventional drivetrain lasting between 15,000-30,000km. Enduo™ Cargo is the first drivetrain specifically designed for eCargo and eBikes and can cope with more power and heavier loads without the concern that chains will snap.

Thirdly, with its unbeatable performance, Enduo™ Cargo gives you the ability to travel further than ever before, delivering more packages, expanding your range with less breakdowns. Switching to the Enduo™ Cargo Drivetrain will guarantee to dramatically reduce your maintenance costs by approximately £500 per bike per year making your business more profitable literally over night with our plug and play solution. 

If you’re looking to take your fleet management company to the next level, then you need the Enduo™ Cargo Drivetrain. With its cutting-edge engineering, unmatched performance, and sustainable design, Enduo™ is the solution you’ve been looking for.

So why wait? Start your journey towards a better, more efficient, and sustainable future with Enduo™ today! 

Enduo™ – because performance shouldn’t cost the earth! 

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