New Motion Labs is disrupting the eMobility sector with its revolutionary Enduo™ Drivetrain!

Enduo is the world's longest lasting (3.5x) and most efficient drivetrain designed for ecargo and ebike.

Enduo™ is a remarkable story of engineering ingenuity that has transformed the eMobility industry in ways many could never have imagined and started something of a revolution in the process.

New Motion Labs is the creator of Enduo™ and they are dynamic, innovative company with a mission to solve some of the world’s most fundamental engineering problems. Its team of talented engineers and designers are focussed on creating disruptive technologies and solutions that deliver a competitive edge and game changing commercial opportunities. 


Enduo™ is a tried, tested and patent-pending technology that saw the team re-engineer the ubiquitous drivetrain, performing the most significant breakthrough in mechanical power transfer in over a century. The secret lies in New Motion Labs innovative sprocket tooth profile that promises to deliver unparalleled reliability, efficiency and lifetime (3.5x). 


The potential for the cargo and e-bike sector and faster last-mile efficiencies were undeniable and, today, continue to defy expectation. The largest cargo and e-bike OEMs and major fleet providers, bike wholesalers and component resellers are rapidly signing up to this innovative technology. The micromobility sector is quickly achieving safer, more sustainable, efficient and cost-effective gains.

Imagine what you could achieve with EnduoCargo


Enduo™ is the world’s longest lasting (3.5x), most efficient drivetrain and the first specifically designed for cargo and e-bikes. The eMobility sector is perfectly positioned to exploit the opportunities it can deliver. 


Its key features are underpinned by its breathtaking performance. Enduo™ Cargo’s dramatically enhanced durability, reliability and efficiency means a lower TCO for every bike, every day. For those looking for a more sustainable answer to their fleet operations, sustainability is covered too. Enduo™ Cargo’s stainless steel components mean the industry can look forward to kissing goodbye to the current plastic and rubber belts that can damage eco credentials as easily as the planet. 


In essence, everything that’s important, critical in fact, to those in the eMobility sector, has been central to the development of this unbeatable technology. 


The verified numbers by those who have already made the switch and who are reaping the benefits make for impressive reading. With Enduo™ Cargo, you’ll travel up to 30,000km – that’s travelling three and a half times further – without replacing a single chain. In ongoing testing, Absolutely Couriers has reached the 15,000km mark with no maintenance or replacement. You’ll deliver 300% more packages compared to conventional drives and shift extreme loads with ease.  


The result: users are achieving 1.6 times faster last-mile delivery gains. Then factor in the extra time spent on the road and less in the workshop and this all adds up to some seriously big financial savings. Enduo™ Cargo users can expect to save €500 per bike, per year by deploying Enduo™ Cargo across your fleet

Ready to join the EnduoCargo revolution? 


You can discover more about Enduo™ Cargo at and, once you’re armed with all the information you need to make the switch, you can buy on the website too. 

Exclusive prices are available for OEMs, fleet operators and wholesales – contact for details.