How Enduo™ Track is helping cyclists go even faster in the velodrome 

A disruptive technology, Enduo™ Track is the fastest single-speed cycling drivetrain on the World right now.

Track racing is arguably the purest form of bike racing. A single sprocket, a single chainring, no brakes of gears; just full-gas racing on an indoor track. 

Track bikes are optimised for the race they have been designed for, be that a sprint or endurance event. This may be through a longer top tube, narrower or wider forks, stem length, the list goes on. 

Regardless of the track event, however, riders will typically use the same drivetrain. Sure, they will change the size of their gear, but no matter the event, the drivetrain they select could very well be the difference between victory and defeat. It is also an area of the bike, which is often overlooked, even by some of the world’s best. Enduo™ Track seeks to change this. 

Track blog photo
On the boards with Enduo ™ Track & South African sprinter, Jean Spies.

New Motion Labs have re-engineered the drivetrain for the first time in more than 100 years. 

A disruptive technology, Enduo™ Track is the fastest single-speed cycling drivetrain on the planet right now. Technology which has been tested and verified on a state-of-the-art, custom built chain dynamometer testing rig in collaboration with the University of Bath. 

Optimised for an 11-speed drivetrain for efficiency reasons, Enduo™ Track uses a process called ‘Dual Engagement’. By driving off each side of the tooth, we eliminate the relative movement between the tooth and chain rollers on a conventional chain drive and vastly reduce the friction involved. This is where the precious watts-saving occurs. 


What does all this mean for riders, though? Enduo™ Track enables riders to go faster for the same power output. That’s why New Motion Labs created Enduo™ Track. Simple.  

We know cyclists love stats, so here’s one for you to remember. Enduo™ Track saves ~7w over the most popular drivetrain at the Tokyo Olympics. Whilst this stat is at a 500w power output and 100rpm cadence, Enduo™ Track is consistently faster across every power output and cadence we have tested…and that’s a lot of testing. 

Reach new heights, set new PBs and break records with Enduo™ Track! 

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