Revolutionary Partnership Alert!

Prepare to witness an extraordinary partnership as New Motion Labs and Velobike, the esteemed experts in the track cycling sector, combine their expertise to revolutionize cycling performance. This ground-breaking collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of cycling innovation.

Velobike’s mission is to empower cyclists of all levels by providing access to world-class equipment. They bridge the gap between professional teams and mainstream riders, ensuring that everyone can benefit from cutting-edge technology.

We are proud to collaborate with Velobike on the introduction of their second new set of equipment, set to debut at the Paris Olympic Games. This exciting release features Enduo™ Track – with our ground-breaking and patented sprocket tooth profile.

"If you're not riding with Enduo™, you're not experiencing track cycling at its best.The combination of precision, quality control, and advanced tech has made it possible for athletes to push boundaries like never before."

With Enduo™ Track, riders can expect enhanced power, increased speeds, valuable time gains, and exceptional chain retention – proven to be the world’s fastest drivetrain!!

Velobike has chosen New Motion Labs as on of their trusted licensing partner, marking an important milestone as our first partner in the realm of Track Cycling. This collaboration is poised to redefine the industry landscape and set new standards for performance and innovation.

Visit our website today to learn more about the cutting-edge Enduo™ Track tooth profile and how it can elevate your riding performance to unprecedented levels. ⚙️

Enduo™. Because Performance Shouldn’t Cost The Earth.