What a difference a year makes!

Look back 12 months to Eurobike 2022 and it was all about getting the word out about New Motion Lab’s Enduo technology and its transformational capabilities for the world’s cycling industry and its users. Re-engineering the drivetrain for the first time in over 100 years was an incredible concept to introduce to our market.

New Motion Labs Eurobike booth 2022

Fast-forward one year and it’s fair to say we’ve more than made our presence felt. At Eurobike 2023, the showstopping New Motion Labs’ stand dominated our hall and stayed busy throughout the five-day event in Frankfurt. It was clear the cycling industry had trusted the science, read our partners’ reviews and welcomed Enduo as the revolutionary technology we promised it would be. News from those who had collaborated with New Motion Labs and achieved the performance, power, durability and cost savings we promised had travelled fast.

We had over 40 pre-booked meetings at Eurobike 2023 and met many industry experts and engaged with future partners who were keen to begin their Enduo journey. The outlook for New Motion Labs was indeed looking brighter than ever.

New Motion Labs Eurobike booth 2023

All this positivity was fresh off the announcement of a multi-million-pound investment from Green Angel Ventures, which manages Green Angel Syndicate (GAS) as well as the EIS Climate Change Fund. GAS is the UK’s largest network of specialist investors fighting climate change.

Nick Lyth, President of Green Angel Ventures, commented: “We have been greatly impressed by the NML team. Their progress in commercialising their technology thanks to the efforts of their remarkable team is a testament to their deep commitment to the fight against climate change. Their success to date means the industrial sector is now coming to them for the design. The decision to follow our original investment in this new round was an easy one for our members.”

Add to this a three-fold increase in our team numbers within just one year and the certainty that New Motion Labs is not a team to stand still. We have big plans to grow and commercialise; not just in the e-Mobility world, but in multiple other sectors too, as New Motion Labs CEO, Steven Senior, confirms.

“Enduo is finally here and establishing its footprint as a gamechanging drivetrain tooth profile technology, commented Steven. “The largest chain makers and the leading OEMs, automotive and fleet operators all want to capitalise on our ability to make the chain and sprocket last 3.5 times longer. At Eurobike 2023, whether it was buying our product or licencing our tooth profile, it was clear everyone was excited to engage with New Motion Labs.”

Enduo™. Because Performance Shouldn’t Cost The Earth.