SURE, the e-Mobility subscription champion, rides with Enduo™ Cargo Drivetrain in 2023

In another groundbreaking move, New Motion Labs’ revolutionary Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain will be fitted to all new SURE eBikes in 2023, offering its ride subscribers a more reliable, efficient, and smoother riding experience.

Enduo™ Cargo is the world’s most durable and longest lasting drivetrain specifically designed for eCargo and eBikes. Our revolutionary patented tooth profile dramatically extends the lifetime of the drivetrain which lasts up to 30,000km, allowing the SURE bikes to be more efficient, durable, reliable and to travel further. 

SURE is the Netherlands-based eBike manufacturer that’s changing the way people get on the road with its fool-proof eBike designed to deliver a robust, comfortable, time-efficient, and sustainable riding experience thanks to its unique non-flammable hybrid super capacitor battery.

The use of their innovative battery technology means an increase in safety and sustainability due to the significant decrease in the use of toxic and flammable materials. Riders no longer need to carry around spare batteries or swap batteries, as SURE batteries are non-swappable, which can prevent battery failure.

SURE ebike
Sure enduo

The synergy between New Motion Labs and SURE is remarkable. Both share a passion for driving innovation, quality, and sustainability within the e-Mobility sector; harnessing the power, performance, and durability of Enduo™ Cargo on their eBike fleets makes for a logical and very natural partnership.

A radically more dependable and smoother ride for their B2B clients

SURE provides an e-Mobility subscription model – an intelligent shared-bike approach that works for everyone, specifically targeting companies and organisations who are committed to sustainability and quality.
Their eBikes have fast charging capabilities, which means that their eBikes charges to 100% in just 30 minutes, with a range of approximately (50km minimum and 90km maximum). As a result, riders, postmen and couriers no longer need to wait 6 to 8 hours for their eBikes to charge, increasing productivity. 

Fitting Enduo™ Cargo, the world’s longest lasting drivetrain, takes their rider experience even further.

“SURE eBike is where innovation meets innovation, this can certainly be seen in our use of Enduo™ Drivetrain in our E-bikes”, says Francis Olajide, Chief Growth Office at SURE Mobility. “During our research for sustainable drivetrains, it was clear that New Motion Labs had something unique. A drivetrain that fits perfectly in our mission of producing long lasting eBikes that result in less waste and costs. With a lifetime of 30,000km, it was simply a no brainer to switch to Enduo™”.

Enduo Silver

Enduo™ Cargo is compatible with all eCargo and eBikes and ensures SURE can build on its iconic model with a radically more dependable and durable eBike, which can withstand the high mileage required to service the B2B e-mobility sector who prioritise comfort, reliability, efficiency, and performance.

“We’re delighted to have entered into a partnership with SURE,” revealed Steven Senior, CEO of New Motion Labs. “Our groundbreaking Enduo™ drivetrain is really making waves in the e-Mobility sector and with the gains it’s already delivering, we know this is a natural fit for the SURE fleet. We’re both hugely excited about the part we can play and the advances we’re promoting in e-Mobility – delivering the ultimate riding experience is at the forefront of that mission.”

Discover more about Enduo Cargo and, if you want to talk about the changes it can deliver for your fleet, get in touch with us today.

Enduobecause performance shouldn’t cost the earth.

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