Sustainable Future: New Motion Labs at Shift Cycling Culture’s First Environmental Impact Cycling Barcamp (EICB) in Amsterdam

Our Sales Manager, Travis Bramley, was thrilled to attend Shift Cycling Culture’s first EICB, held at Roetz Bikes’ Fair Factory in Amsterdam.

You may be wondering what a Barcamp is? Put simply, a BarCamp is an ad-hoc gathering with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. The key aspect here is there are no pre-determined agendas. Instead, participants bring with them something to present or discuss. With thirty different discussions and presentations throughout the day, there was a huge amount to get stuck into and opportunities to collaborate: all in the name of making the cycling industry more responsible and ‘greener’. 

Travis presented the groundbreaking, worldwide patent-pending technology that is Enduo™; fresh off the back of the patent being granted in North America. For the second half of his presentation, questions were posed to the group around how New Motion Labs can grow responsibly, gaining advice from those in the room on how to ensure we can begin to assess and subsequently reduce its footprint. 

Enduo™ has the potential to save huge quantities of carbon thanks to its durable credentials, lasting over 3.5x longer than a conventional drivetrain. This means less material needs to be produced and drivetrains do not need to be maintained or replaced as often; something particularly critical for cargo and eBikes. New Motion Labs is aware that it is supporting a sustainability-oriented industry with incredible power to change the way our streets and cities operate in the decade of the cargo bike. We don’t simply wish to support this industry, we also want to ensure our own operations are sustainable, and become a leader in this space, collaborating with other companies through shared learning and skills building. 

“New Motion Labs is proud to be part of a transformational industry that will make a difference in the world, changing mindsets around cycling inner city and eMobility being used for last mile delivery as traffic is reduced.” says Steven Senior, CEO at New Motion Labs. “Travis has made such a statement by going more than the extra mile to ensure his attendance and representation of NML in Amsterdam minimised his carbon footprint by cycling and travelling through the night for his return journey. We really do want to ensure the sustainable attributes of our product and our place in this amazing industry contribute in a positive way.  New Motion Labs has a commitment to ensure the company upholds the high standards Travis is currently already setting for being a sustainably focussed business.” 

Black Enduo

Our first commitment is to ensure that we calculate our scope one, two and three emissions for operations in 2022, which will be done over the coming month or so. This will allow us to understand where we are at and then, crucially, identify hotspots and reduce them. This was one of the many learnings gained from attending Shift’s EICB for Travis, along with product lifecycle analysis, the challenges around eBike battery disposal and the major pieces of legislation due to come into force in the coming years, among many other topics. With giants of the industry such as Shimano, Urban Arrow, Swapfiets, Canyon and Trek represented, alongside a plethora SMEs; the discussions were intense and productive.

Travis was also determined to find a way of attending the barcamp without flying – a feat easier said than done travelling from the UK with a bicycle. His journey to Amsterdam involved six trains and a ferry from Dover to Calais; highlighting the challenges around travelling sustainably with a bicycle in the absence of bikes being allowed on-board Eurostar services currently. For the return journey, he chose the ‘easier’ method of cycling back from Amsterdam to Calais & getting the train back to our UK base in Exeter. Whilst employees shouldn’t have to go to this length of planning and effort to travel sustainably for business, we are proud to see Travis leading by example and where possible will support others to do the same and avoid flying. 

If you’d like to find out more about Shift Cycling Culture’s activities and why your company should get involved, please visit their website & keep an eye out for the release of their ‘Cracked Earth’ film next month. 


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