The Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain is now available everywhere across the Benelux region and parts of Germany and Belgium!

We’re excited to announce that New Motion Labs has partnered with three of the largest bike component wholesalers in the Netherlands, who will be distributing the pioneering Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain to every bike shop, consumer or OEM across the Benelux region and parts of Germany and Belgium servicing an imperative after-market sector for New Motion Labs’ customers.

Our new clients include Gransier B.V,  Accurate B.V and The Plus Company B.V. and to say we are excited about these new partnerships is an understatement. These companies bring with them a wealth of experience in the eMobility sector and will be a huge asset to New Motion Labs as we continue to widen the reach of the Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain.

Gransier B.V. is one of the largest & most respected bicycle component wholesalers in the Benelux region. Offering more than 20,000 product lines, the company has grown from humble beginnings in 1966 as a local wholesaler, to one of the largest in the entire region. We are excited that Gransier is now a partner of New Motion Labs and is stocking and distributing the Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain across the Netherlands.

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Accurate B.V. specialises in aftermarket e-bike solutions offering an extensive range of products, from batteries to chargers & everything in-between. New Motion Labs are very proud of our new partnership with Accurate and we are delighted they are now stocking our Enduo Cargo range for its B2B and B2C customers in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.


The Plus Company B.V. is a wholesaler supplying Dutch retailers with a select range of carefully considered, premium bicycle components. Owner & Founder, Alexander Hulleman is the Netherlands’ go-to expert in high-end cycling components. New Motion Labs is thrilled to announce that Alexander has agreed to extend The Plus Company’s product portfolio to include the Enduo™ Cargo drivetrain range and now has stock and is offering our products to bicycle retailers across the country.

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Enduo™ Cargo is the world’s highest efficiency industrial-strength chainring and sprocket technology and is proven to be the world’s longest lasting drivetrain – riders can travel an unparalleled 3.5 times longer up to 30,000km, without replacing the chain or sprockets. It’s also the most efficient and very first drivetrain ever designed specifically for eCargo and eBikes.

Manufactured in Europe and engineered to the highest standards from the world’s most technically advanced materials, Enduo™ Cargo has been rigorously tested to achieve unbeatable durability, reliability and lifetime performance.  It’s also highly sustainable – Enduo™ Cargo’s fully recyclable stainless steel components are an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional plastic and rubber belts that are so damaging to the environment

It’s all down to New Motion Labs patented tooth profile that delivers durability and efficiency – and, crucially, transforms the rider experience with a smoother, more enjoyable ride every time.

Get in touch today and reach out to our new partners to find out more:


Gransier B.V.

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Accurate B.V.

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The Plus Company B.V.

Alexander Hulleman