The Time For eMobility Is Now!

Why is eMobility such an exciting sector?

As the roll-out of cycle superhighways in cities around the world continues unabated, it really is an exciting time to be part of this innovative, dynamic and fast-growing sector. This isn’t just due to the positive commercial impact this evolution delivers, but also the hugely positive impact on our planet and its environment.

It’s fantastic to see how major motor companies that have always focussed on traditional car production are now investing so heavily in electric vehicle production and eMobility. The growth rate in eBike production alone is up from 70% from 2021 to 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 27.2% forecast for 2022 to 2028. One fact is clear: this is our future!

The benefits of eMobility in the inner cities

Driving the benefits of eMobility in our inner cities is the evidence that eBikes and eCargo bikes are delivering packages 1.6 times faster and the world’s leading organisations are quick to exploit these benefits. Amazon has recently announced a £300m investment in the electrification of its UK network over the next five years as it shifts more cities to cargo bike deliveries.

Eight million tonnes of CO2 is saved in the UK simply by replacing just 20% of the cars in our cities. Not only is it faster and more efficient to use eBikes and eCargo bikes, but this change in mindset across the UK and the rest of Europe is having an invaluable environmental impact too.

Today, as these bikes are being relied on more and more for commercial use, it’s never been so vital to invest in durable and high-quality cycle components; every component has to cope with the demands of high mileage, heavy loads and torques. If this is your sector, the reliability of your bike fleet, the viability of your business and the high standard of service you offer your clients will depend entirely on the efficiency of these components.


The issues with the traditional drivetrain 

Fleet operators are now spending around £600 in maintenance per year, per bike. Bikes break down and spend too much time in the workshop undergoing repairs while all too frequently chains snap when riders are out on deliveries. This isn’t just inconvenient – it can cost companies a considerable amount of money and, worse, can seriously jeopardise their relationship with their customers.

The majority of eBikes and eCargo bikes are still fitted with traditional bicycle sprockets and chains. The fact is that if the eMobility sector is going to continue to grow at the predicted rate, we must have bikes that are up to the job.

How is New Motion Labs overcoming these issues?

New Motion Labs’ groundbreaking Enduo technology is leading the charge when it comes to galvanising eCargo and eBike efficiencies. The patented Enduo Cargo is the world’s longest-lasting drivetrain, lasting a proven 3.5 times longer and delivering faster last-mile performance with safer, more sustainable and cost-effective eMobility operations than ever before.

This is truly pioneering technology. Enduo sprockets have half the number of teeth as conventional sprockets with a patented tooth geometry that ensures roller contact on both sides of the tooth. By securely engaging each tooth with two rollers, Enduo teeth relieve the stresses at the wear points within the chain, leading to a dramatically longer chain lifetime.

The Enduo set includes the pioneering Enduo Cargo chainring, sprocket and industrial strength chain that’s designed for plug-and-play in place of a conventional drivetrain. Manufactured in Europe, all components are precision engineered to the tightest of tolerances for the smoothest of riding experiences.

Enduo’s industrial strength, wider chain offers incredible performance and durability and requires minimal maintenance. This high-performance drivetrain package has been rated for 15,000km on eCargo bikes and up to 30,000km on eBikes and is available in black or silver – this is unparalleled reliability.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our revolutionary Enduo drivetrain, please get in touch with us today at so we can discuss our ‘buy2sell’ and licensing models or put you in touch with our approved resellers and wholesalers.

Enduo: disruptive technology that’s changing everything in eMobility.